Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Nation in Grief: Death of 44 Philippine National Police in Maguindanao


They were on a perilous journey, on a hunt for a dangerous man. All brave soldiers and the pride of their contingent, were out for a kill. They were the cream of the crop---the top graduates of Philippine Military schools, honed and trained to defend their mother country, at all cost.

A few days ago, the entire country was gripped with terror as they saw forty four of them--- dead. One survived to tell the story. They were mercilessly killed, and some were mutilated. This is not war. It was so barbaric that no human experience can fathom the depths on how they were killed so wantonly.

Deep inside a grieving nation, is the call for blood. Somebody has to pay. We steeled ourselves not to strike back and attack the perpetrators. It has to be an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Isn't it how tribal war's are fought? Isn't it that such atrocity calls for a similar attack?

There were several groups who  gave insightful analysis on how this incident came about. Amidst cries on who is answerable, were questions on how high the culpability should go? Did the Chief Executive gave the orders on this botched plan? Was there lack of planning and a fallback position? Where did it go wrong?

We saw the hard core men and women of the Philippine National  Police, shed tears when the bodies of their fallen comrades were flown to Manila a few days ago. The entire nation cried with them. The death of forty four men equates to losing a batallion of military troop. Was the plan so important that the lives of these men were snapped short in one blow?

Questions...questions...questions. When the coffins arrived, everyone stood still and watched the parade of dead bodies  carried down on the tarmac. We expected the leaders of government, to be in the front line and show empathy with the rest of the nation. We want them to feel the pain and the agony of seeing their sons killed in this senseless war.

But what do we see? Our President, who is the father of the nation, was out cajoling with the car makers! This act of his was enough to infuriate a country who has long suffered from a mindless and an insensitive government. How can the "Inang Bayan" (Philippines) suffer this great indignity of seeing her children betrayed by their own leaders? When do her sons and daughters realize that the good of the nation far outweighs their own personal agenda?

God, please show mercy. Help this grieving flock understand the pain and enlighten us on the right path to take.


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Philippine News: A Shot from the Hip
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