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The  Department of Agriculture office at Pila, Laguna
When I went to Pila,Laguna recently, I was informed by other farmers  that the Department of Agriculture (DA) is giving out certified seeds (40 kgs) at P1,500 each with free sack of urea fertilizer per hectare. I went there before going to our farm and was saddened that it has all been filled out. 

Experimental seeds grown at the compound of the DA office.

They gave me an option to go organic, and select the certified seeds that I want to plant. That costs me P680 per 40kg. sack with, free five sacks  of organic fertilizer (dried chicken manure)  per hectare. This is a program by the local municipal government to help farmers during the rainy months.

Irrigated waters now flow into the fields

I bought three bags of certified seeds and got my 15 sacks of organic fertilizer. I am not going to apply additional chemical fertlizer, unless needed. Our farm is near the bay area and the soil does not need much inputs. I might be able to get additional fertilizer from the DA, or buy from them at a discounted price of P25 per sack.

Organic fertilizer at the DA office

That is all that I have to do for now: plow the fields, prepare it for planting, and plant the seedlings after two to three weeks. I don't intend to spray chemicals unless necessary. I'll go organic, if I can help it. There is no need to spend more, and kill myself by eating toxic rice.

Certified seeds for planting --- RC 216 / 110 days

The DA Department Head, Ms. Jasmin Bondad, invited me to a farmer's seminar, every Wednesday, at the Climate Resiliency Field School. I am a lead farmer at our place and will go along with the government program on  organic farming. I might try to get some free seeds too and see if I can go into organic veggie farming as well


The DA office is situated alongside the  irrigated farm fields. Our farm does not have irrigation, so we rely on diesel fuel to water our fields in the summer months. During this season, I may use water pumps for land preparation and let the rain waters take care of the fields up to harvest time.

We till, we sow, and plant. We then leave the rests to God!


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  1. Organic rice is pricey.You can earn much from it or have a steady supply of safe, healthy rice!